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About The Ready Now Foundation


The mission of The Ready Now Foundation is to connect students and teachers to life-changing opportunities in tech enabling them to showcase their talents now.

For Students

For Students

– Learning how the math and science they learn every day in school is applied to real-world engineering disciplines, particularly coding and Artificial Intelligence.

– Using and evaluating the latest in tech for education, engagement, creativity, and gaming.

– Leadership and public speaking opportunities to share knowledge with peers as well as tech company management teams.

For Teachers

For Teachers

– Career development and internship opportunities with Tech companies during the summer.

– Training on state-of-the-art equipment to improve classroom engagement between students and teachers.

– Networking opportunities with industry professionals.

For Tech Companies

For Tech Companies

– Valuable real-world feedback on the usage and performance of the technology directly from students and teachers.

– A vetted talent pool of students and teachers from which to draw for focus groups and internships.

– Volunteer opportunities to share insights on pursuing careers in tech in various aspects with an up-and-coming talent pool of students and teachers.

Are You Ready Now?